Biltmore Conservatory Engagement | Rick & Lane

We can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had meeting up with Rick & Lane for their Biltmore Conservatory Engagement Session, at the Biltmore! For starters, upon arrival, they surprised us both with annual passes so we could come back anytime we wanted. Being that we love this place so much and travel here often for sessions, their generous and thoughtful gift was so beyond appreciated! We seriously can’t wait to make good use of our passes!

Rick & Lane are obviously both sweet and thoughtful people but our personal favorite thing about them is their incredibly (dark) sense of humors. It’s always a good time when you find people who share your humor and we had a blast laughing with these two throughout the day. When we first met Rick & Lane, they told us they loved our work and especially loved our signature “far-away-shots.” Music to our ears! So we wasted no time coming up with EPIC photos for these two art lovers and the Biltmore made the perfect backdrop.

Rick & Lane gave us full creative freedom (have we mentioned how awesome these two are yet?!) and we loved being able to roam all over the grounds with two willing subjects! Our absolute favorite moment (among many) was right at sunset when we played a song from our phone for Rick & Lane to slow dance to. We took full advantage of the entire property and kept shooting until the sun was completely gone. We’re so thankful to this sweet couple for waiting patiently with us for the sun to be in the right spots. It was well worth the wait and we’re dying over all these killer moments! We thought we had finished the session when of course, we saw another photo opportunity. The sun was at the perfect place but wouldn’t be there for much longer and the “spot” we needed Rick & Lane to be in was all the way across the property. Any other couple would’ve said, “aww oh well.” But these two wanted to take advantage of every moment and made a mad dash to the spot! We looked at each other with excitement and then went running after them to help direct them into the right position. It was such a  hilarious moment! Running across the perfectly manicured lawn, jumping up and down the mazes of stairs, leaping over historic fountains, pushing the Vanderbilts out of our way (in my mind, this is how it actually looked). And it would’ve been such a funny scene to witness had we not been the last ones left there that day. Goodness, what a fun Adventure it was!

Rick & Lane, you two are great and we loved having you both in front of our cameras. Thank you guys for being such cool humans and for choosing us to capture these Biltmore Conservatory engagement moments!

Mark & Kelly

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