Beacon Heights Engagement | Alex & Lisa

We came. We saw. We ROAMED. Traveling on the Blue Ridge Parkway is always something we look forward to! Asheville is one of those places that’s nearest and dearest to our hearts and we never get tired of looking at those gorgeous, NC mountain views, especially for a Beacon Heights Engagement session.

Alex & Lisa are such a lovely pair! We knew we connected with these two right off the bat when “The Office” quotes began flyin’. Alex & Lisa are hilarious and we couldn’t seem to stop laughing throughout their entire session. #ThatsWhatSheSaid

We seriously had a blast with this couple and loved seeing their natural chemistry. Their adorable quirkiness and Alex’s spot on impersonations had us grinning ear-to-ear. We lost track of time chatting as the sun set. Once it was almost too dark to see and the temperature dropped so quickly, we realized we should probably get back down the mountain. We hiked back down in darkness and still couldn’t stop chatting away with this fun couple. We enjoyed hanging out with these guys SO MUCH and cannot wait for their special day next April (on Kelly’s B-day)!

Alex & Lisa, we love you guys already and can’t wait for April to get here. Thanks for roaming around the Blue Ridge Parkway with us and for trusting us to capture these fun moments for your Beacon Heights Engagement. You two are the bees knees and we can’t wait to document more of your beautiful love story!

Mark & Kelly

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