Welcome back to the lovely mountains of Asheville for this Asheville Elopement! This is ALWAYS one of our absolute favorite destinations to travel, photograph, and ROAM!

Jonny & Jen, a gorgeous couple from Florida, decided to find an Asheville cabin on Airbnb and elope right outside by the river. It was completely unique and wonderfully magical. Jonny & Jen have five beautiful children between the two of them and this big cabin housed everyone comfortably as well as their closest family and friends. We loved that the cabin was secluded set back deep in the Asheville forest, and positioned right on top of a wide, rushing river.

From the top balcony of the cabin, you could overlook thousands of tree tops all the way down to the waterside. The afternoon before had terrible thunderstorms all day but for Jonny & Jen's Sunday wedding, everything was perfect. With beaming sunshine and amazing temps for November, everyone was in awe of the special atmosphere for this Asheville Elopement.

Jonny & Jen wanted to elope in the mountains to getaway from any sort of traditional or expected wedding celebration. Their goal was to do something completely different and unique for them. These two are not afraid of blazing their own trail in any situation (a characteristic we share with this fun couple) and they work together from everything from parenting to flipping houses.

Creative Couple

Jen is also a hugely successful hairstylist and has thousands of fans on her IG. It's also funny that a lot of them comment how much she resembles J-Law which we couldn't help but notice ourselves upon first meeting her in person. And Jen looked drop dead gorgeous in her BHLDN lace dress and boots.

Jonny & Jen had one of the BEST First Look moments to date! We walked outside and Jen turned the corner, saw Jonny (facing the other way) and ran and jumped on his back! Jonny had the best reaction as he caught her and spun her around to get a better look at his bride. Seeing how they love one another gave us goosebumps. The only real way to describe these two is, "soulmates."

We loved Jonny & Jen's sweet family and they were all just as laid back as the happy couple. These two thought it would be an interesting (and different!) idea to use the cabin's furniture for their ceremony seating down by the river. So all the guys got to work, lifting the sofas and big chairs out of the cabin, and hauled them down to the riverside. It was awesome and totally added another unique element to Jonny & Jen's special Asheville Elopement.

They chose to DIY the bride's bouquet and groom's boutonniere and also wrote their own vows. Their ceremony was full of gorgeous sunshine, bouncing off the water. They even shared a special moment with their kids, pouring sand in to a bottle to represent joining their lives together. It was perfect. And after they were officially hitched, they were showered with confetti by all their loves ones.

Up the Mountain!

Afterwards, we spent some time with the couple exploring the river and photographing them in the trees. Once our pretty light was mostly gone, Jonny & Jen were ready for another adventure. They expressed wanting to to roam to higher elevations but since we were down so low by the river, it would be a bit of a drive to get up higher in the mountains. We were up for the challenge!

Their family went on to their dinner spot and we jumped in a car with the bride & groom following behind us. Once we got to a higher elevation, we pulled over and Jonny & Jen hopped in our Jeep to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway further. We drove around until we found a spot that we liked and then we jumped out for round two of romantic photos for their Asheville Elopement.

Asheville Elopement

Because we were up so much higher now, we got to witness the golden light all over again. Jonny & Jen wanted to experience all of Asheville’s incredible views and that meant, the breathtaking mountains too. In the distance, we could see snowcapped trees so we knew we were as high up as we could have traveled that November day. We spent the last few minutes together, laughing, freezing our butts off, and taking in some of the most magical views of the Blue Ridge Parkway. These two truly got the best taste of Asheville and we felt so lucky to be a part of their experience.

Jonny & Jen, what a fun adventure this was! We wish you guys all the best in your marriage and wonderful life that you've built with each other. Thanks for sharing these moments with us on your Asheville Elopement!

Mark & Kelly

Vendors from the day:
The Stewarts Roam Photography
Venue - Private Residence

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