Meet Jack & Vittoria and their two adorable black labs, Gabe & Aidan! These four ventured out to our property for their special adventure session and we loved roaming around our land, with them!

We moved our session time up to earlier in the day, since the weather was calling for a huge rainstorm closer to sunset. We amazingly managed to avoid the storm, completely! And we were left with a gorgeous overcast sky, which we love, lighting wise.

It was so fun exploring around the whole property with these two and getting to know them better. Gabe & Aidan seemed to really enjoy the off-leash freedom and the big creek to play in. Jack & Vittoria were a dream in front of our cameras and we adored their playful energy. They both couldn’t stop smiling and we were eager to catch every moment of their joy.

J&V, We can't wait to see you two get hitched, this Autumn! See you both SOON!!

Mark & Kelly

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