Welcome to our FIRST official session on our new property! A super fun Asheboro engagement session. If you missed our exciting news this past August, WE MOVED! Purchased a 1974 European styled farmhouse on (what we've now discovered to be) 14 acres of land! Overwhelmed and excited doesn't even cover it. But we're taking our time and slowly renovating the main house as well as cleaning up the land to get it ready for some future photo sessions.

Our new property has an absolutely gorgeous creek (lovingly referred to by us as, the river!) running through the woods. As well as some super cool unexpected elements, like a primitive cabin (original to the history of the property, used as a boy scout's cabin). We've also been adding some gorgeous natural backdrops.. Stay tuned for future sessions to see what we've been working on!

When we were chatting with Seth & Kelly to figure out where they wanted to have their adventure session, they mentioned wishing they knew somewhere with a cool creek. At the time, we hadn't even officially closed on our property but after hearing what they were hoping for, we felt too excited to keep our news a secret. As soon as we told them we had JUST purchased a new home with a very beautiful creek and were scheduled to close on it about a week before their session was scheduled, they were totally game to be our guinea pigs for our new uncharted acres.

Although we totally weren’t prepared to host anyone yet (we hadn't even moved in ourselves!), Seth & Kelly were the ideal couple and so understanding since they are both laid back and own a farm themselves. Seth & Kelly have horses and dogs and were really up for whatever adventures lie ahead. They even brought their 3 BEAUTIFUL Aussies along for the afternoon. Dundee, Birdie, & Loki.

After we spent some fun time with the pups, Kelly changed into the cutest boho dress and we hiked through the woods, down to the RIVER! We warned them before that we hadn’t had time to thoroughly explore all our land yet and that they'd be discovering it with us for the first time, together. The day of their session, we cleared a little path just so we could get to the edge of the river easier. Now that the weather has cooled down, we've already been doing some MAJOR land clearing, and the creekside already looks very different. We can't wait to share!

Asheboro Engagement Session

We had a little out of body experience during this shoot, when we fully realized a dream of ours had come true. We finally have a space where we can host awesome people and enjoy photographing them with natural backdrops from around our very own property... How cool is that?!
Afterwards, we sat inside the guest cottage (which will later become our photography studio) and shared drinks and good conversation. We could have pinched ourselves. And although there’s a million and one things we want to do to improve the overall experience and look of our new place, we couldn’t be happier or more grateful for what God has blessed us with.

Seth & Kelly, we can’t thank you both enough for being our FIRST official couple to be photographed on our land for your Asheboro engagement session. Your willingness to rough it with us through tough terrain, heat, and bugs was seriously beyond amazing. We can’t think of a more perfect pair to have shared this moment with. And anytime you’re ready to let us watch your three Aussies, we’ve got you covered! So much love to you both!!

Mark & Kelly

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