We know we speak for just about everyone when we say, what a strange year it has been! Despite the craziness of 2020, we can't personally look back over this year without reflecting on multiple blessings, as well. Two of the biggest being, moving to our new home, AND all the amazing love stories we still got to document (despite a global pandemic).

Honestly, we're both so ready to say goodbye to 2020 and looking forward to what's next. However, it wouldn't be right to begin a new year without first looking back at all the absolutely beautiful moments that we were able to witness this year.

In January, our 2020 started out with traveling to Jamaica for a big, 130 person, destination wedding. In December, our 2020 ended (fittingly so) with a small, eight guest elopement ceremony, in Charlotte. Two occasions that couldn't have seemed more different on paper and yet, the energy, joy and love were exactly the same. THIS is the reason why we love photographing weddings SO MUCH. No matter how big or how small the guest count, no matter where in the world it is, no matter how planned out or how last minute things are scheduled.. people are people, joy is joy, and love really does conquer all.

For all the couples who trudged through the difficult planning (and re-planning) this year and came out on the other end as newlyweds, CONGRATS to you! Thank you for doing your best to keep your dates scheduled with us or for being flexible with rescheduling. We loved telling your stories!

To all the couples who had to postpone in order to keep them and their families safe, we appreciate you all! We couldn't be more excited for your special days to get here, in 2021. We know it's going to be an amazing year of celebrating for so many people!

Without further adieu, we'll let the photos say the rest. Here are some of our favorite moments from 2020! Enjoy!!

Mark & Kelly

The Stewarts Roam Photography

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