2018, what an incredible year you were!

Every year, we take (a long) look back into each and every engagement, bridal, and wedding we photographed over the course of the year. We really enjoy taking the time to revisit each experience we were blessed to be a part of. And mostly, we love choosing our personal favorite moments from each day.

We assumed we had become better "selectors" and thought this year would be easier than years past. We were wrong! Choosing our favorite moments this year, was just as difficult as ever. We're going to chalk it up to the incredible year of weddings, we had!

Together, we started off 2018 with weddings in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (still blows our minds that we got to go there!), and Cartagena, Colombia (one of our favorite places we've ever been). We spent the year ROAMING all over, from the marvelous mountains of Asheville to the beautiful beaches in Charleston, Wilmington, and Fort Fisher (to name a few). But we can't even count all the rad places we got to JEEP around to! We visited some old favorites as well as some new. We explored all over North & South Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C., and all the way to Indiana too! And we capped off the year flying to (very windy) Upstate New York, which was the cherry on top of a fabulous year!

Words can't express how truly honored we feel to have been chosen to capture EACH AND EVERY ONE of these special moments. From right down our road, to completely across the globe, we absolutely adore all the wonderful weddings we got to be witnesses to, this year. The BEST part of all of this, is the truly amazing people we got to meet along the way. We have been so blessed to get to work with some freaking awesome couples this year. It still blows our minds that we are able to connect with so many great people and be a part of some of the best days in their lives. It is just so cool and beyond comprehension to us, sometimes.

So, THANK YOU! Thank you to the couples who found us, who loved our work, and took a chance on us. Thank you to our local couples for choosing us (seriously, the Charlotte wedding market is insanely talented and saturated with local artists). And thank you to our destination couples for hiring and flying us all over the country AND WORLD! Although we always adore the opportunities to see and experience new places, the people we get to meet and work with are the real reasons we continue on. The support and love you all have shown us this year means everything. And we would not have had half of the wonderful experiences this year, had it not been for you all!

Without further adieu, here are our 2018 Favorite Moments..... Grab some popcorn, it's a long one!

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