2017 Favorite Moments


2017 Favorite Moments

We have never been called “bad bloggers” since we usually pride ourselves on how quick we can turnaround a blogpost after each wedding or session. However, the beginning of this year started out in such a whirlwind (with two international weddings in the first two months) that we are just now getting around to our favorite post of the year… Our favorite moments of 2017! In no way is this blogpost necessary or even anticipated by anyone other than our own mother’s. But that isn’t the point (sorry moms!). The point of this post has always been for us. It’s a personal accomplishment for us to curate through the thousands of photos we took from every engagement, bridal, stopmotion, & wedding that we witnessed last year and to pick out our absolute favorite images from everything we took part in. And yes, we realize that this is still a SUPER long post but trust us, it was hard narrowing it down from so many incredible moments.

2017 was a killer year for our business. At the beginning of January, we launched our new brand and name, The Stewarts Roam Photography. With still the same passion and vigor that we’ve always had for this job, we set out for another exciting year hoping that our new change would only help connect us with more awesome couples who wanted an amazing wedding photography experience. 2017 brought us just that. God showed us so much this year and lead us to take a giant step. Even though we have always been a husband and wife photography duo to everyone who knows us, Mark always had a full time job as a teacher as well. With two full time jobs pulling him in every direction possible, it finally became obvious that something had to give. We have been praying for God’s guidance about our photography business since we started it almost 8 years ago, and we have always felt that we were following His path for us. But this year (in August) He lead us to trust Him even further. After lots of prayer and non-stop talking about our lives and what this could mean for our futures, we took the next step of faith and Mark said goodbye to his comfortable teaching job. As scary as it is to both be completely full time photographers, we couldn’t be more excited about it! About half of our clients didn’t even realize that he wasn’t already full time and the rest were celebrating with us in our happy news that he would now be able to focus solely on photography. It has been a crazy six months so far but we have seriously loved every minute!

As for all of our 2017 couples, we can’t begin to thank you all enough. Thanks to you, we are able to live out a dream. That’s not to say that we lead perfect lives or have a perfect job or even a perfect marriage. But we are so thankful that we get to spend everyday doing something that makes us happy. This job means so much more to us than you’ll ever know. It gives us a chance to create for a living. To work with our hands. To see new places and to work together daily, as a team. It has ups and downs like anything else but at the end of the day, we are following our hearts and seeing where we end up. To all of our wonderful couples that have followed along our journey or hired us and joined in the journey, THANK YOU for your trust and excitement! We love being able to tell your stories through our lenses and it’s something we will never take for granted. Thanks for making last year so fun. We started out 2017 with weddings in places such as Charlotte, Southport, Asheville, & Isla Mujeres. And we closed out 2017 with weddings in NYC, LA, PA, & New Orleans! That’s a lot of roaming! Every wedding was so special to be a part of and we feel so blessed to be able to connect with every single one of you on one of the biggest days in your lives. Thanks for believing in the art we create and we can’t wait to see the rest of your beautiful love stories unfold.

Mark & Kelly

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