Four months ago, these two were married in the NC mountains, in a small living room, with 15 loved ones by their side. This Willow Falls elopement was quite possibly the rainiest day ever and quite possibly the most joyous as well. Tyler & Ashley’s love poured out and filled our hearts with gratitude. A cold, damp, imperfect, day turned into wonderfully romantic, real moments of love and pure joy.

Being full time wedding photographers for over nine years now, we have seen plenty of rainy day engagement and bridal sessions, and of course wedding days too. We’re completely used to working in the rain, snow, wind, and anything else that has come our way over the years. So we’re never worried about what the weather holds however, we’re always sympathetic to our couples who have to endure unexpected conditions for their special occasions. Even though no one plans to have a rainy day wedding, the fact is they happen all the time. So we think it’s awesome when couples choose to fully embrace the unexpected conditions that pop up before them. They could easily be bummed or irritated that things didn’t go according to plan but where would that get them as a result?

Instead, take a lesson from these two AMAZING people, Tyler & Ashley! Who FULLY EMBRACED every single moment of their day. And it rained.. all. day. long. And these two could’ve stayed inside, annoyed but at least, dry. But what fun is that?! We’re happy to report that on Tyler & Ashley’s special day, they lived each moment to the fullest. With them, 15 guests, and a couple of canines, they cooked a delicious meal, drank good wine, listened to sweet music, danced in the rain, yelled up at the sky (we felt it was needed), and said their “I-Do’s” right in the middle of the living room for their Willow Falls elopement.

Tyler & Ashley’s day was intimate, intentionally unintentional, full of love, and freaking romantic. By the end of the night, everyone was basically damp from head to toe. But no one cared about the temporary discomfort and all eyes were on Tyler & Ashley, who led the charge and kept everyone feeling so happy to be in the moment.

The Cabin at Willow Creek is such a cool, quaint venue located in Hendersonville, NC. The cabin even has it’s very own water mill that churns right next to the house. With the river running alongside the walking paths and a beautiful bridge you can stand on to overlook the flowing water beneath. One of our favorite features of the venue is the “love trail.” Tyler & Ashley knew about the trail and wanted to have their first look there. Yep, even in the rain. They took their vows with them and privately read them to one another before their ceremony. We loved that they didn’t let the rain change all of their plans. The love trail was the perfect place for their first few wedding day moments together.

After tons of pictures hopping in and out of the house and keeping all the umbrellas very handy, Ashley’s dad gave her a kiss and walked her down the “aisle” in the small living room, next to the fireplace. It was super romantic and quite cozy, with everyone huddled on the sofas facing the lovebirds. Next, the newlyweds wanted to take advantage of their special one-on-one moments and so we led them to the bridge where they were planning on saying “I-Do.” It felt like a perfect moment to toss the umbrellas aside and just go with it. We love that Tyler & Ashley were so incredibly laid back and hellbent on having an amazing time despite the condition’s efforts to divert us.

Tyler & Ashley stayed out with us until dusk and returned to the cabin, basically drenched. Ashley was hilarious, wringing out her gown’s train and leaving a trail of water on the wooden floor behind her. They freshened up then came back together for their first dance. With everyone gathered closely, the two danced and kissed in front of hanging twinkle lights while the rain continued to beat down on the deck outside the windows. And lastly, the two ended their day playing with sparklers… yep, even in the rain.

Tyler & Ashley, we never felt happier getting rained on, than with you two by our sides. You both have the best contagious energy and we loved every moment of getting to document this special day, for you. You guys freaking rock!

Mark & Kelly

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